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My #1 Favorite Summer Sandwich

I am getting excited..... it is July and that means my favorite goodies at the Union Square Market are all coming available! This sandwich is one I can only make in the Summer because the tomatoes have to be fresh from the market... the lettuce too. On Saturday mornings we make a pilgrimage to the best market in the world to see what we can find( . Our Farmer's Market Haul ALWAYS includes more tomatoes than I will ever use, fresh lettuces and bread from the neighboring Ole & Steen. For this sandwich Ole & Steen's pumpernickel rye rolls... so yum! They are dense, yet moist, sturdy and so full of flavor. The crunch from the pumpkin seeds adds so much fun to the meal. These little rolls look like armadillos! So cute.



  • French sliced deli ham... the best you can find (hello Zabars!)

  • Pumpernickel rye rolls from Ole & Steen

  • Fresh market beefsteak tomatoes

  • Red leaf lettuce or butter lettuce, or baby gem

  • Mayo

How to Make It

  • Layer it and yum!

  • Enjoy these babies with a crisp glass of white wine and a bag of chips!

Bon Appétit, Enjoy, Provecho!

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