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Smoked Trout 'Salad' with Calabrian Chili Oil

First, I apologize for the blurry photos...taken late Sunday night as I was throwing dinner on the table after driving our son back to college (:. But I wanted to cheer us up with one of my newest obsessions..... smoked trout with Calabrian chili oil. This 'salad' is ready in 5 minutes and served with a yummy soup (perhaps Cream of Celery Soup from makes for a perfect Spring meal.

The key to this meal is getting the right ingredients and once you have them this is a cinch. I used Smoked Trout from the grocery store and it was good, but not amazing. Here in NYC we can go to Zabar's, Russ & Daughters or Barney Greengrass and get amazing smoked fish, but the grocery store one works in a pinch too.

The Calabrian Chili oil here is an absolute must. It can be found on amazon or at Eataly and once you start using it you will put it on everything. It has that perfect slight kick of heat with a rich slight smokiness that adds so much to the smoked fish.

Here is how to make it:

Serves 4


For the Hummus Yogurt

  • 1 8oz container full fat plain Greek yogurt. I am obsessed with White Moustache.

  • 1 8oz container of hummus

  • 1 tsp yellow lemon zest

To Assemble

  • Butter lettuce, baby romaine or bibb lettuce

  • 5 oz smoked trout (1 pack)

  • 1 bunch fresh dill

  • Calabrian Chili oil

  • Coarse sea salt such as Maldon

  • Pita chips or bagel thins (or both!)

  • 1/2 a lemon


First, make the yogurt hummus

In a medium bowl combine yogurt, hummus & lemon zest. Stir and add just a pinch of Maldon salt.

Next, assemble the Salads

On four salad plates spoon out equal amounts of the yogurt hummus and spread with the back of a spoon... you want to make sort of a well so the chili oil will pool..

Next to the yogurt hummus, pile on your favorite greens. I don't recommend mixed greens here, too bitter. Try to go for the butter lettuce or bibb/romaine.

Next break up the smoked trout and divide evenly amongst the 4 plates on top of the lettuce. Then top with fresh dill sprigs. A lot of dill is very yummy here.

Finally, drizzle with a good amount of chili oil, a sprinkle of salt and a small squeeze of lemon.

Serve with pita chips/bagel chips. Now you will also be obsessed!

Bon Appetit, Enjoy, Provecho!

PS... if you are in the NY Tri-State area you can order items to accompany this dish from

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