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EST 2008

Simplify Your Week…


Simply, place your order during the ordering window (Wednesday afternoon - Tuesday evening) and select a delivery option for the following delivery cycle.

As a very busy mom I have always struggled to get a healthy, delicious, well-rounded meal on the table every night for my family. The rule in our house is that we sit down at the table every night, Sunday through Thursday to have dinner, talk about our day and generally catch up. I am determined that my son (now 16) grows up with excellent table manners, great conversational skills and the spirit of adventure to not only try different foods, but to enjoy them. Dinner at the table on a consistent basis has great health values, but the benefits go way beyond just good nutrition.


Families all over New York City struggle with the same dilemma: How do I get a great meal on the table in just a few minutes that tastes great that my family will enjoy? To answer that question, Jennie’s Kitchen was born!


We live in New York City…everything culinary is available to us if we know where to look and if we have the time to run all over town buying ingredients. I am that crazy person that runs all over town looking for the very best! I will always share recipes with you if you ask…the magic is not so much in the recipe, it is in getting the highest quality ingredients to put into the recipe…and superior ingredients absolutely make a superior end product.


Jennie’s Kitchen sources local, artisanal ingredients from markets and specialty shops all over Manhattan. Our beef and lamb are grass-fed and come from a small batch butcher in Uptown. Our fruits and veggies are farm fresh and come from the Union Square Market. We ship in specialty chilis, tortillas, and Mexican ingredients from Southern California…Our eggs come from a farm in Connecticut. We continually search for innovative ways to bring you healthy, organic comfort food that reheats well.


Our Mission Statement: In order to achieve excellence, everything we do must extend our clients’ experience, starting with the ingredients we select, the techniques we practice, and the delivery of delicious meals.


Customers of Jennie’s Kitchen are like our extended family. When we cook for your family it is like cooking for our own. If you are a current customer, we thank you and welcome you to our website. If you have not yet tried us, we invite you to try us out and see how your quality of life will improve with your very first delivery! 



There is no monthly fee,
set up fee, or commitment required. ​
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